Information is always good. You can find some helpful links below. Some of the information will lead you to state supported sites where you can find additional forms, rules and regulations. Some of the information will lead you directly to a My QIDP document.

If you decide to use a My QIDP document in your training, presentation, program, please remember that all My QIDP material is copyrighted by My QIDP and My QMRP; however, information provided here is free to use, distribute and copy or reference. We only ask that you provide a reference to My QIDP if quoting the material or that you leave our copyright information in any material you may decide to distribute for training, sharing, or informational purposes. No material provided by My QIDP may be distributed for sale or profit in any way.

This is a publication that is an introduction to the Specially Constituted Committee, or as some people call it the Human Rights Commitee (HRC). The ebook and paperback may be purchased on Amazon. The Ebook is a minimum required 99 cents. The paperback is obviously a little more.
This is a My QIDP publication that shares Rosa's law which changed a lot about the world of Intellectual Disabilities. Most importantly, it changed the terms we use to describe disabilites. Learn more with this document.
A blog presented by Clinton Thomas with issues and developments in the ICF/IID world.
Facebook Site for My QIDP
Group for QIDP/QDDP
Link to CMS standards for ICF/IID programs. This is what is often called the "Federal Standards"
HHSC State Standards (Texas) for ICF/IID programs.