Frequently Asked Questions

We've found that many people and facilities have questions and we have tried to recap some of them below to assist you with your decision about whether you need My QMRP.


1. I don't have a QIDP/QDDP, but I'm looking to hire one in the next month or sooner. Can you help me?

Yes. If you find that you're between QIDP/QDDP's and you need a QIDP/QDDP to meet the Federal and State Standards, we can set up a temporary contract that will ensure you remain within compliance and the contract can be terminated upon your successful hiring of a new QIDP/QDDP.

2. Why would I want to hire My QIDP/QDDP as a consultant QIDP/QDDP?

You may not want too. Some organizations are large and can afford to hire their own QIDP/QDDP's. However, we have found that many organizations are owned by smaller corporations or individuals. It's these smaller corporations and individuals that may not have the need for a full time QIDP/QDDP to meet Federal and State Standards or they may have non-degreed staff completing most of the work and they simply need someone to "sign off" or "approve" the QIDP/QDDP work. QIDP/QDDP's range in salary from as low as $26,000 a year to as high as $45,000 on average. If you have one or two ICF's you may not feel that spending that kind of money is necessary. Our average cost for a six-bed facility that has a QIDP/QDDP-designee is $1100 to $1900 per month. You hire us as a consultant and therefore pay no benefits, no health insurance, no taxes, etc. Your out of pocket cost goes from a possible $45,000 per year to a flat $1100 (based on basic rate) per month or $6000 per year. That's a huge savings for the facility.

3. I have a great QIDP/QDDP, but I need a nurse to take orders or do initial doses of medications. Can you help?

Yes, we have R.N.'s contracted through My QIDP/QDDP who work for us. We obtain a contract with a facility and assign a nurse to your facility who is on call 24-7.  However, most areas would like to have a nurse local, so we consider this service temporary unless otherwise directed.

4. We had a really bad survey and our QIDP/QDDP left us without notice. What can you do for us?

Several things. We can become your regular QIDP/QDDP or we can work as a temporary service until you hire a new QIDP/QDDP. We can also write your POC and implement it, train your staff, and assist you in getting through the follow-up survey.

5. But it was a really, really bad survey and we don't think we can fix it. Can you help?

Most likely we can. You can fax us your deficiency statement and we can review it free. We will even make a few suggestions and let you know what we think we can do. If it's something we feel you can fix without our service, we'll tell you that. If it is really bad (as you say) we can send in our special team to work on the POC under an emergency contract. Emergency contracts are completed on an individual basis.

6. Can you guarantee me that I'll clear up my facilities problems?

No. We are not the state surveyors and they are the ones who will review your plan and the action your facility has taken and will clear the cited tags, or not. We can offer over 50 years of combined experience and advice that if followed as we outline it will have a very good chance of clearing your cited tags.

7. Have you ever had to work on an Immediate and Serious Threat or a 23 or 90 Day Termination or just a bad survey?

Yes. We have written hundreds of POCs and implemented them throughout our collective careers. We've corrected Immediate and Serious Threats while surveyors were still on site. Our QIDP/QDDP's have never had a facility closed.

8. I live in Texas and I'm considering your service. What surveyor region have you worked with the most?

We have worked in the Region 4 area the most. We also have experience with surveyors in other parts of Texas as well as Arkansas and Louisiana.

9. What if I don't like the QIDP/QDDP that you have assigned to my facility?

All of our QIDP/QDDP's are subcontracted through My QIDP/QDDP They are paid based on the number of jobs they are currently overseeing. The fact of the matter is, some people don't like other people. We would hope that we could work something out, but if you simply felt you could not work with your assigned QIDP/QDDP, we would be able to assign you a new QIDP/QDDP.

10. Will I have proof that my QIDP/QDDP is qualified to work as a QIDP/QDDP?

Yes. All sub-contracted QIDP/QDDP's are required to provide proof that they have QIDP/QDDP status through references and copies of degrees. Although Criminal History checks and EMR checks are not required for most consultants, we can provide those checks if your facility would like, but the facility should notify us in advance. Our QIDP/QDDPs are all employed by large organizations and have agreed to sub-contract with My QIDP/QDDP pending the needs of their full-time jobs.

11. I have a QIDP/QDDP through My QIDP/QDDP and we're in the middle of survey, but the QIDP/QDDP is tied at his full-time job and can not come down on-site, can you help?

Yes. Because you are contracting with My QIDP/QDDP you have the combined sub-contracted QIDP/QDDP's at your service. Many of these people have worked around each other through different organizations for years and maintain close friendships. We would attempt to send a different QIDP/QDDP or you would have access to the CEO of My QIDP/QDDP who has 19+ years experience in the ICF/MR setting and holds a Doctorate in Theology (Th.D.). However, there is a chance that a QIDP/QDDP may be unable to come to your facility during the survey. This is not normally a problem unless there is a problem. Nonetheless, My QIDP/QDDP will attempt to ensure a QIDP/QDDP is on-site if needed.

12. What sort of degrees does your QIDP/QDDP's have?

A wide range of degrees are found among our sub-contracted QIDP/QDDP's. We have people with nursing degrees, sociology degrees, psychology degrees, english degrees, education degrees and theology degrees.

13. What would keep us from hiring your sub-contracted QIDP/QDDP out from under My QIDP/QDDP?

Nothing. However, our QIDP/QDDP's work as sub-contractors for several organizations that we have contracts with. There is a good chance that your current QIDP/QDDP could be working on two or more contracts for My QIDP/QDDP and it is unlikely that he or she would give up all contracts to take on one contract with your organization. We also have loyalty between our QIDP/QDDP's. As mentioned before, many of the QIDP/QDDP's sub-contracting for My QIDP/QDDP,Inc have known each other for years. They are aware that My QIDP/QDDP is working toward obtaining more contracts for the future and that My QIDP/QDDP is handling all the paperwork involved in maintaining a good, and positive contract relationship with the facility. Loyalty is very important to My QIDP/QDDP and its sub-contractors.

14. You mentioned loyalty. How can I know you'll be loyal to our facility?

The straight answer is you can't. However, we thrive on our reputation and we want your ICF/MR setting to be happy with our services. Our number one goal is to ensure the clients you serve have a positive experience with their QIDP/QDDP. We founded this company on loyalty and loyalty, hard work, and dedication is the core that holds us up. All of our QIDP/QDDP's have extensive training in all current regulations including HIPPA.

15. You didn't answer my question. Can I contact you?

Yes. Please feel free to e-mail or call us. We can be e-mailed at

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