Clinton Thomas, Th.D. founded My QIDP (My QMRP) to meet the needs of ICFs located in Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. My QIDP is a full-service organization for ICFs seeking full-time, part-time or temporary QIDPs to ensure compliance with State and Federal Standards as outlined for all ICF/ID settings.

My QIDP offers crisis teams for Directed In-service Plans, Immediate and Serious Threats, 90 Day Terminations and 23 Day Terminations.

My QIDP offers CPR training, Survey Preparation Training, Behavior Management Plans detailed to state requirements, Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) plans, Plans of Correction (POD) preparation and/ or implementation, Level of Need (LON) changes, and Behavior Management Training for staff and administrators.

My QIDP also offers the standard services of Annual Staffings, Individual Program Plans (IPP) and the implementation of formal and informal active treatment goals (ATs), and monthly reviews as required as well as quality assurance reviews.

You can contact My QIDP at 832-652-8012