ARC Training

My QIDP is now offering training for aggressive behaviors. We have developed a new "ARC" program designed to teach staff how to deal with combative indviduals. "ARC" stands for "Access, Restrain, and Contain". "ARC" is based on three parts: 1. Assess the situation before intervening, 2. Restrain only when needed, and 3. Contain the maladaptive behavior as a last resort.

"ARC" certification as an instructor can be obtained for a two year period or the class can be taught directly to your staff by My QIDP. If you are instested in becoming an "ARC" certified instructor, you should contact My QIDP. Local classes last one day and will be conducted in our training facility in Texarkana at a cost of $400 for instructors. Classes may be taught at your facility for $400 plus travel. "ARC" is the focuses on controling the maladaptive behavior with the least physical intervention possible.

About Restraint Training

Clinton has been conducting restraint training for over twenty-five years. He taught "Passive Physical Restraints" for nearly twenty years for the Northeast Texas Division of Evergreen Life Services of Texas (Evergreen Presbyterian Ministries of Texas), received "PMAB" training through Texas MHMR programs, received training through MyMGMC Consulting in Train-the-Trainer curriculum for behavior health clients to prevent aggressive behavior in psychiatric patients, and several other non-aggressive/non-violent methods to respond to aggressive behaviors.

During a consultation training, a facility requested a new and updated training to help them deal with aggressive individuals in their program. At that time, Clinton pulled together his knowledge from training and other information to develop ARC - Assess, Restrain, Contain. Since the implementation of ARC in the requesting program, a 95% reduction in the use of physical contact to reduce aggressive behaviors has been seen. ARC is now offered to any program wishing to seek out an alternative program which leaves physical contact as a last resort when dealing with aggressive behaviors.